Winning a Prize at Work

March 23rd 2014 · Read More · Comments Off

I am a nurse in the emergency room department of my local hospital. I work twelve hour shifts, and I seem to run for twelve hours straight. There is hardly time to take a breath between patients as we are very busy and severely understaffed. I love my job and helping people, but I am burnt out by the end of my shift and only want to fall into bed. The nursing supervisor on my floor wants to improve morale on the job, so she gives away prizes every Friday. Last week, I won the prize. It was a certificate for a thai massage Cardiff. I haven’t used it yet because I simply haven’t had the time. However, in the back of my mind, I dream of having time to relax and enjoy myself. I will be using that certificate in the next few weeks, or I fear I will lose my sanity.

The game of golf

March 16th 2014 · Read More · Comments Off

Why do people play golf? The last time on the golf course it was documented that almost each hole has a silica sand bunker, those darn things seem to always collect golfers balls as they fly towards the green. The golfer has to spend all of this time in the sun and heat walking up and down the fairways or can become lazy and take the cart but they still have to walk to the ball in certain places. So one has to wonder what benefits are there in a game of golf that people see from it, well for anyone that likes the game of golf they will tell you rapidly its the enjoyment of the fresh air and the time outside which allows them to relieve stress from their everyday life. So for anyone that hates golf maybe now is the time to thik it through and look at the beneifts it could have.

Growing Healthy

February 12th 2014 · Read More · Comments Off

As a child, I often found myself battling with my weight. By the eighth grade, I was pushing three hundred pounds. I felt as if I was trapped inside of my body, with no control over it. Eventually, I came up with a plan that included changing my eating habits and working out. I contacted a Newcastle personal trainer and together we set up a routine that would work with my own individual schedule.

Now, as a college student, I have cut my weight in half. My lifetime goal is to inspire others to do the same. There is no reason for someone to live inside of a body that is not truly theirs, and the extra help and motivation available today can turn anyone’s life around. Taking the first step toward being fit and healthy is admitting that you cannot do it alone. I know I couldn’t. So it is important to establish a support system for motivation.

Where to Stay in Edinburgh, Scotland

December 22nd 2013 · Read More · Comments Off

Named the ‘Athens of the North’ for being a center of the Enlightenment, Edinburgh is a city seemingly sprung from the earth as it and melds with its natural surroundings. Home to famous literati like Robert Louis Stevenson and J.K. Rowling, Edinburgh has a variety of historical sites, museums and graceful architecture that makes it one of the beautiful cities of Europe. For those that find museums dreary Edinburgh is also a living city with a lively nightlife of pubs and clubs. Preference will impact where you’ll want to stay, the Premier Inn hotels in Edinburgh can place tourists near many favorite destinations. The Apex International at Grassmarket will put party seekers in the heart of Edinburgh’s nightlife district. Those visiting at New Years may want to stay on Princes Street, perhaps at the Old Waverley Hotel, to get a front-row-seat for the Hogmanay celebration. Whatever your preferences Edinburgh will not disappoint.

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